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    Things you'll need:
    Texture 1:
    Texture 3:

    Let's Begin!


    Open up a new document , I recommend you use 440x190 or something similar for this kind of sig.
    When you have opened your new document , color the background : #088383
    (as shown above)


    open up your layers window and make a new layer on top of the background layer and call it "Texture 1." Then add in Texture 1 , set it on Hard light at 100% opacity.


    Make another layer , and put it on top of the "Texture 1" layer , call it "Texture 2." Add in Texture 2 and put it on soft light at 100% opacity


    Now it's time to add in your render , in my case C.C.(I'm a big Code Geass Fan).
    Ofcourse , use a new layer to paste it in , and resize it if needed.


    Create a new layer above all other layers. Take the paint bucket tool and fill the new layer with the same color used on the background. #088383. Set this layer to 35% Opacity on "Darken Only".

    Now create another layer and call it "Texture 3" . Set it to "Lighten Only" and put it somwhere at the bottom of your render.


    Now , it's time to add the text, feel free to choose whatever font you want , but I recommend to use nothing to fancy.

    Now add a border , and you're done!


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