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    A lot of users ( in particular newbies) have a problem with not knowing how to upload images online and then add them to their signatures. So I have put together the instructions for four sites, Flickr, Photobucket, Imageshack, and Tinypic. I'll also give my opinion on each site. (Note there are many more image hosting sites out there. I am only doing the four most popular.)
    Sites marked with an asterisk (*) require the IMG tags be added around the URL
    Click User Control Panel> Profile> Edit Signature.
    Add the Img tags

    The text box will have these appear

    Add the image's url in-between these tags

    Tinypic is without a doubt the easiest of the four. It's so easy there are only two steps. Also ads are very limited, usually two or three per page. Plus you don't have to create an account to use it.

    Step one, click the Browse button and a window will pop up. Go through the folders until you find the picture you want to use.
    Add tags if you want make sure the check box is set to image, resize is defualt, and click upload.When the picture is done loading it will take you to the share page. Under the 'share this image' box select the second code and copy it.
    Now just paste it in the signature box under the User Control Panel . It already has the image tags so you don't have to add them

    Like Tinypic, Imageshack is very easy, doesn't require a membership and, there's only a few ads on the pages. A downside is the pages can take forever to load.

    Click Browse, select your image, add tags if you want, and leave the check boxes unchecked. Click Upload.

    Now copy the direct link code.

    Photobucket is okay, not my favorite by any means, there are way too many ads in my opinion. But it is a good hoster even though the ads slow down the pages.

    When you log in it takes you to the profile page. Click the upload button. Then find your image.

    When it's done uploading you can add tags and stuff if you want. Then click 'return to album'.

    Place your cursor on the image and under the dropdown menu copy the IMG code

    ( I know the direct link is highlighted , I didn't notice the img code until writing this and looking at my screenshots)

    Fickr is very good, very few ads, and fast.
    So when you log in on the right is the upload button

    After that is another upload button that will bring up the browse window.

    Now it gives you the option to make your images private or public. Make them public and click upload.

    If you want add tags and stuff by clicking add a description.

    Go back to the Flickr home page and click the image you want for the signature. Now the new page will have a magnifying glass above the image, click that.

    Now some sites place a size limit on your sigs like Gimper has a height limit of 250 pixels and a width of 600 pixels. At the top of the page there are different size options highlighted in blue. If your sig is big choose a smaller option.
    Now at the bottom of the page is the photo's URL highlighted in red.

    -Linking to sites-

    If you want your image to link to a site, select the IMG tags and click the URL button. It will now look like this
    Now add the = sign between the l and ] of the first url tag like this
    [url=]  [/url]
    Now add the url of the linking site after the = sign.
    Note* Gimper has a maximum height of 250 pixels and width of 600 pixels. Max characters allow is 400.

    Well I hope I have helped you with your signature problems. I might add to the list later but that's it for now. Also there's more info on signatures HERE
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