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Discussion in 'General GIMP help' started by Anonymous, Sep 8, 2010.

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    Hi guys i am new to these forums obviously and need a bit of help which i think will be something very easy to answer for you guys....i am a complete noob to using programs like GIMP or photoshop so please keep that in mind....

    basically i am trying to make a theme for my pokerstars tables/interface and am having difficulty in using GIMP to achieve simple color changes....

    i have several graphics images which are one color, that i am trying to change to another color but without changing anything other aspect of the image....

    basically i have things in one color that i would like to change AND match to eachother using a color from a specific image...ive used the color picker tool and selected the specific color from the source image but i am having a very difficult time figuring out the best way to apply it to all the other images. ive basically resorted to trying to match the colors by eye using the hue and saturation tool but this is not only difficult, but it changes other parts of the images that i would rather leave alone.

    what is the best way to do this?

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    You can select anything in your image with the select tools, and go to Colors/Hue and Saturation.
    Then just adjust ONLY the hue, until you get the color you want, then adjust saturation, then lightness, or brightness.Hue changes color, saturation pops that color out, and well you probably know what lightness does.
    You can also use Colors/Colorize with this method.
    Many photographers use this method for color popping also. =)

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