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Fairy Land FAQs

Discussion in 'Fairy Land' started by David, Jul 10, 2008.

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    Fairy Land Frequently Asked Questions

    What is Fairy Land?
    Fairy Land is a forum where all the non-constructive posts go. It’s also to maintain the General Discussion Forum clean from any of these topics. Fairy Land does not limit any conversation, and it follows the global rules set by our administrator, Gimper.

    Why my topic got moved?

    Your topic was moved because:
    1) It wasn’t constructive enough, users need to keep the conversation on topic and not get off-topic.
    2) It was a random topic.
    3) It just linked to a site
    4) It just had a line.

    Will all the topics be moved?

    No, for the sake of maintaining the integrity of the General Discussion, some posts will be SPLIT and make into a new topic in Fairy Land. For example:

    The conversation was about “Books you have read”.
    3 users posted unrelated stuff, and others joined in, making the topic subject go off.

    We the administrators will split those posts and make it into a new one so the others can continue.

    What do you mean by non-constructive?

    These are just some examples:
    Topic subject: hey review my site
    Content: well just go to http://thisdomain.com.

    Another example is:

    Subject: I broke my wii
    Content: lol

    Last example:
    Subject : wtf?
    Content: My cat scratched me! Lol :(

    Hope that clears it. Enjoy gimper.net!
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