adding background watermark onto A4 poster

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by pinksquirrel, Mar 3, 2011.

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    Hi Everyone. Could someone tell this Gimp virgin how to put a background image (watermark) onto an A4 poster and do I have to add the text after or before the background image is done. Many thanks.

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    So you're trying to add a watermark with a text/logo to your photo and print it on A4 size, correct? If so, keep reading ;D

    There are many ways of adding a watermark into an image. The easiest will be a simple text without a logo etc.

    For that, just open up the image (I am assuming you already have it as a file on your PC, if not you'll have to scan it first) you want to have a watermark on in Gimp, then
    -Click on the text tool
    -Click on the image and add your text by typing it into the small pop-up box. You can also move the text around with drag&drop.
    -Take a look at your layer's dialog (It's this one [Click]), click on the Text Layer and lower the "Opacity" slider down to whatever percentage you think looks best (should be around 40% I guess)

    If you want to add an image/logo to your image as well, just open up your image (the one you want to put the watermark on) in Gimp and then
    -Click on "File > Open as Layer"
    -Select the image/logo you want to use as a watermark and hit "Open"
    -Now, do the same thing with the opacity slider again (see above)
    -Optionally, use the move tool (This one [Click]) to position your logo correctly.

    If you are done, go to "File > Save As" and save it as "Image_Watermarked.png" or similar. It is important though that you do NOT overwrite your original file because you can hardly remove the watermark afterwards. You can now easily print this picture or upload it to a website etc.

    If this was not what you wanted, please give us a more detailed description of your problem.

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