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Script-Fu Resynthesizer v1.0 for Linux and Windows 1.0

This is a suite of ten Gimp plugins known as the Resynthesizer

  1. Average Joe
    This is a suite of ten Gimp plugins known as the 'Resynthesizer'. The most commonly used is 'Heal selection' but all use the plugin whose full interface is found at 'Filters>Map>Resynthesize.'

    resynthesizer.tar.gz is an archive for Linux.
    Resynthesizer_v1.0-i686.zip is an archive for Windows.

    The plugins require Gimp and Python. (Or, there exists a script-fu 'Heal selection' plugin that does not require Python.)

    To install, download the appropriate file, uncompress it, and copy the files to the standard place for Gimp plugins.

    The Windows archive contains a README_WINDOWS.txt file with more information.

    The original author is Paul Harrison.

    This is version 1.0.

    The free and open source is at GitHub. For more information, see the README and ChangeLog and NEWS files there.

    (This is the same suite as found at this old post, but this new post includes the Windows archive that was formerly found at another site.)
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