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Script-Fu Respace Tiles 0.1

This Script-fu scripts could help with certain tileset manipulations

  1. Average Joe
    This Script-fu scripts could help with certain tileset manipulations. Specifically changing margin and spacing.

    • Add spacing and margin - Will add spacing and margin to a tileset which has no spacing and no margin.
    • Remove spacing and margin - The opposite of Add.
    • Fill spaces - After spacing-margin is added the new space has background color. This script can be used to fill the space by copying some columns and rows (border of tiles):

    Installation steps
    1. Unzip and copy the file respace-tiles.scm to Gimp script directory (Goto edit/preferences/Directories/Scripts to find the right location)
    2. Reload scripts by Filters/Script-Fu/Refresh Scripts or just restart Gimp)
    Plugins are registered under Filtres/Map/Tileset.
    GIMP Version: