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Python Layer via Copy/Cut 0.1

GIMP 2.8 Python Plugin

  1. Average Joe
    GIMP 2.8 Python Plugin.
    Copy and move the selected area to a new layer in the same position.

    This function is similar to the functions with the same names in Photoshop, and more powerful. Unlike them, it can copy/cut content, not just from one layer, but also from the layer groups.
    In Photoshop, this is not possible :)

    Installation Instructions:
    1. Extract "layer-via-copy-cut.py" from .zip archive to the ".../.gimp-2.x/plug-ins/" directory.
    2. Make sure that the extracted file is executable.
    3. If you are already running GIMP, close and reopen it.

    This plugin requires Python!
    If you have the "Filters > Python-Fu > Console" menu item you are all set. If not, install Python support for GIMP.
    GIMP Version: