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Script-Fu Heal selection (fix to: Smart remove selection) 2.0

A fix to the Filter>Enhance>Smart remove selection... script.

  1. Average Joe
    A fix to the Filter>Enhance>Smart remove selection... script.

    Release notes:

    Fixed a bug where strange texture (e.g. sky from the top of the image) instead of surrounding texture was synthesized onto the selection, as reported at this website for the resynthesizer plug-in.

    Changed the menu item to "Filter>Enhance>Heal selection..." from "Smart remove selection..." (New menu item name is shorter and more descriptive. It doesn't use the Heal tool, but the effect is nearly the same. Note the filename is the same, only the menu item name is changed, and it still requires the resynthesizer plug-in.)

    Changed the pop-up help text.


    Copy file smart-remove.scm to the standard place for scripts. See Preferences>Folders>Scripts for the pathnames. In my case, using Linux Ubuntu, I removed the current version at /usr/share/gimp/2.0/scripts/smart-remove.scm and installed the new version at ~/.gimp-2.6/scripts/smart-remove.scm. (It seems strange that Gimp will not use a script from your home folder if there is also one of the same name in the standard installation folder, but it will for a plugin?)
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