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Binary gimp-plugin-astronomy 0.8

A set of plugins and scripts for astronomical image processing

  1. Average Joe
    A set of plugins and scripts for astronomical image processing
    Not intended for scientific image processing, due to gimp's 8bit depth restriction (for "pretty pictures" only).

    07.10.2012: gimp-plugin-astronomy-0.8
    02.09.2012: gimp-plugin-astronomy-0.7
    31.07.2008: gimp-plugin-astronomy-0.6
    29.06.2008: gimp-plugin-astronomy-0.5
    25.03.2008: gimp-plugin-astronomy-0.4

    • Align layers using center of brightness or 2D (fourier) cross correlation or gauss fit, subpixel-resolution, with de-rotation!
    • Merge layers using different mean values, including arithmetic/geometric mean, median, and arithmetic mean of x sigma around median.
    • Create a background gradient (artificial flat field) from a layer by fitting a 2D 4th order polynom through pivotal points. Cut out large bright nebulae to avoid wrong pivotal point values!
    • Star rounding: Round longish stars (due to tracking errors...)
    • Create an artificial galaxy. Only elliptical galaxies yet.
    • Create artificial stars: Using different star distributions, splitted into background, object and foreground stars.
    • Set mode for all layers
    • Set brightness / contrast for all layers
    • Normalize all layers
    • Subtract dark frame from each layer
    • Divide all layers by a flat field
    • Draw border with image information
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