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Script-Fu Adaptive layer background 1.0

This script allows you to add a background to the image.

  1. KiT
    This script allows you to add a background to the image. The color gradient for that background is adaptive to the currently selected layer. This works best on colorful images with an already clipped image, causing a nice colored background gradient behind the layer.

    User Interface


    Amount of horizontal stretch
    Defines how much the gradient should be stretched. This must be adapted for your image size and may vary. Uses the max value of blurring as max value. Should be somewhat around 1500-3000 for best results.

    Strength of final blur
    After the background gradient was composed it will be blurred for not just being a bunch of ugly lines. This defines how much blur should be used. Depends on your image size. Good values are around 80-120

    Background Intensity
    A value between 1 and 10 for settin how intense the color gradient should be visible.

    Background base color
    Sets the color for all transparrent parts of the color gradient background. Looks best with dark colors in my opinion :)

    Fill background
    Defines if “Background base color” option shall be applied or not.

    Interactive blurring …
    This sets the Gaussian Blur filter in interactive mode and lets you define the blurring options by yourself. First appearance of the filter is for the “Amount of horizontal stretch” value. You should unlink the values and adjust the horizontal value by yourself. The second appearance is for “Strength of final blur”. You should link the values and set them to a blur you like.

    Base image

    Default values

    Default values without solid color background

    Lower stretch and more intense colors

    Different background base color and more intense gradient colors
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