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Unable to Upload to ANYWHERE

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Unable to Upload to ANYWHERE

Postby Kanako_Kuran021 » Sat Jan 21, 2012 5:20 am

Hi, I'm new here. I just downloaded GIMP 2.6.7 for Windows 7, so I could use it to draw manga b/c I heard it was better and easier to work with than MS Paint, which it is, but when I tried to upload the drawings to Facebook, Photobucket, Fotoflexer, and Deviantart I got a message saying, "ERROR: Unable to upload image" and an icon featuring a blank sheet of paper showed up with the name and size of the I wanted to upload listed below it.
Is there a way to fix this or I am just going to be unable to upload my artwork to the web?
Thanks for helping :D
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Re: Unable to Upload to ANYWHERE

Postby Arzoroc » Sat Jan 21, 2012 10:34 am

You probably saved the image as SOMETHING.xcf
xcf is the general Gimp file extension. With an xcf file, you can save different layers, layer opacities, layer modes etc instead of just saving the flat image itself. It's very very useful if you work on a big and complex project and you want to save it without losing the possibility to edit everything later.
If you want to save an image to upload it to some website, go to "File -> Save as" and then type in "Blabla.jpg" or "YourFileName.png". Then try to upload it somewhere.
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