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How to build GAP

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How to build GAP

Postby Auria » Mon Mar 17, 2008 1:36 pm

Here are thye instructions as kindly provided by T-O-M on our previous forums. Please note that they do not seem to work on all macs due to compilation in problems in some dependency libraries. You will also probably need to build GIMP itself from macports.

It turns out that installing gimp-gap is not as difficult as it seems. I added a few steps to the Lisa Method, and now I have GAP 2.4.0 running with Gimp 2.4.5 on my Tiger PPC.

There is already a gimp-gap Portfile in macports under graphics/gimp-gap. That portfile references gimp-gap 2.2, so you have to change the version number, download location, and md5 checksum as follows:

Line 6:
version 2.4.0
Line 14:
Line 15:
checksums md5 b3e8eb56cc3d94325a81266a2d95fa39

Save the changes to the portfile and copy it to:

After installing gimp and the other plugins, install gap by typing:
sudo ~/src/macports/ -d install gimp-gap

This will install and configure MPlayer, ffmpeg, XViD, and all the other dependencies GAP needs. The final step is getting the executables into the skeleton. I added the following lines to in darwingimp/experimental/new-skeleton/build:

sudo cp -v ~/src/macports/ bin/
sudo cp -vRP ~/src/macports/ etc/
sudo cp -vRP ~/src/macports/ share/
sudo cp -vRP ~/src/macports/ lib/

This may copy more files than are necessary, but it works, so I'm not too concerned about it. Maybe someone who knows more about the skeleton portion of the process can verify this. The final is about 200 MB as compared to 130 MB without GAP. So far I have tested some of the features like extracting frames, moving paths, and re-encoding. These functions all work fine, but I'll continue to test the others. The only issue I have is that the gap_wr_opacity plugin fails to load at startup. It gives this error:

(gap_wr_opacity:390 8) : LibGimp-CRITICAL **: gimp_install_procedure: assertion `(n_return_vals == 0 && return_vals == NULL) || (n_return_vals > 0 && return_vals != NULL)' failed
GIMP-Error: Plug-in "gap_wr_opacity"
attempted to register the menu item "/Video/Layer/" for the procedure "plug-in-wr-set-opacity".
It has however not installed that procedure. This is not allowed.

Here are the specs for my system, but I'd be surprised if this doesn't work on other platforms (Intel, Leopard)

Mac OS X Tiger 10.4.11
1.25 GHz PPC G4
Xcode 2.5
X11 1.1.3
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