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Newcomer Links *Read First If You're New*

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Newcomer Links *Read First If You're New*

Postby El Llama » Sat Jul 25, 2009 3:48 pm

First, I would like to give a warm welcome to every newcomer to this site!

Here are some helpful links that should help you find your way around the site and some resources and tutorials essential to becoming proficient with the GIMP.

Yes, we have rules, so go read them now.

One of our great mods, the ever-helpful Ajit, has compiled a dictionary of terms commonly used in graphic design and regularly used on this site.
Check the dictionary before you ask a question about a certain term you're not sure about. Your question may be answered.

I assume most of the Mac users on this forum that seek support have been redirected here from another Wilber-Loves-Apple website, but if you haven't been, please go to PLEASE REFRAIN FROM POSTING TECHNICAL, MAC-SPECIFIC QUESTIONS IN THE GENERAL GIMP SUPPORT FORUM. IF YOU DO, THE TOPIC WILL GET MOVED TO THE APPROPRIATE MAC FORUM, which isn't that bad, but it may create confusion. You should still post general GIMP questions in the GIMP Help Section.

Helpful Links
Learn how to use BBCODES!
Sglider12's Blog --lots of helpful stuff--
The Gimp Plugin Registry
Adding Your Signature to GIMPER.NET

Stock Photos and Renders
More Renders: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=1478

Free Fonts

A few notes before I send you off on your journey.

Use the Search Function to search for a question you have. It may have already been answered.

And, finally, a very important point. We ARE a support forum for an image editor, NOT necessarily a graphic design forum. We DO offer tutorials, we DO showcase our users' work, and we DO have user competitions, but we DO NOT have a SOTW (Signature of the Week), GOTW (Graphic of the Week), etc... suggestions about including those have been made in the past, and so far all of those suggestions have been rejected by either the majority of users or the staff. I can safely assume that most future suggestions of that nature will be rejected also.

With that said, please feel free to post your photography, graphics, signatures, comments, questions, and engage in competitions with other users. This will contribute to an active community that is ready to help.

Read the RULES, be good, and have fun. :alien: :wilber: ^-^
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