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Blogging and podcasting. The secret to more members?

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Re: Blogging and podcasting. The secret to more members?

Postby sagteck » Sun Jan 15, 2012 3:46 pm

Cyrilshark wrote:For now, we need good quality posts daily to attract new members.
I urge everybody to start making some tutorials, interesting posts, really anything, if it's good, related, and interesting.

Where would the tutorials go? I had posted a few tutorials to a while back and it's been over a year and still no mod/admin has approved them so the site must be dead.

Also as far as installation and configuration of software goes I'm a Unix/Linux admin by profession so I could help you set up I configure Apache regularly, I see you're running it based on the request headers with the site.


Ah never mind. I just realized how old this thread was. I assume you guys never did it since gives "Error establishing a database connection"
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Re: Blogging and podcasting. The secret to more members?

Postby Cyrilshark » Sun Jan 15, 2012 7:50 pm

Hi Sagteck.
As far as where to put tutorials, the tutorials forum is fine. Gimp-tutorials is pretty much long since dead. But yeah, we did have the blog up for a bit, but something happened and we never used it so we let it die. Thanks for the offer though!

I'm finally going to unpin and close this topic guys.
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