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Script-Fu Volume Express..for simple tiles 1.0

This script-fu created mainly from the script add-bevel.scm

  1. Average Joe
    This script-fu (created mainly from the script "add-bevel.scm" which is installed by default) adds to an existing layer, a layer composed of squares or rectangles (size of your choice) in shades of gray but with bevels. The goal is to facilitate the creation of pavements with a little "volume". arfff. Difficult to explain -_-'

    You can find "00 - Volume Express..for simple tiles" in Filters>2D Isometric-Fu>

    A picture is better than a thousand explanations:

    With a little work and once turned into isometry (with another script):

    EDIT: New version of the script => v1.1
    GIMP Version: