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Python Shellout 0.7

This python script will call an external program

  1. Average Joe #2
    This is the new and improved XNView plugin.

    Updated to V 0.7 to fix a bug when saving the files files in a format other than png

    This python script will call an external program, providing the active layer or a new from visible layer to this external program via a temp file. Once the external program is completed, it should save/overwrite the orignal temp file which gets pulled back in to gimp.

    This was initially developed to use photoshop plugins under XNView since pspi support is more or less broken in the latest versions of gimp.

    This latest version allows specifying the filetype, as not all external programs can use png files, so as long it is a gimp supported extension, it can be included.

    The file currently has a whole list of supported application thanks to the folks at gimpchat:

    # Insert additonal shell command into this list. They will show up in the drop menu in this order.
    # Use the syntax:
    # ["Menu Label", "command", "ext"]
    # Where what gets executed is command fileame so include and flags needed in the command.
    programlist = [
    ["XNView", "\"C:\\Program Files\\XnView\\xnview.exe\"", "png"],
    ["MS Paint", "\"C:\\WINDOWS\\system32\\mspaint.exe\"", "bmp"],
    #["Deep Paint", "\"C:\\Program Files\\DeepPaint\\deeppaint.exe\"", "jpg"],
    #["Inkscape", "\"C:\\Program Files\\Inkscape\\inkscape.exe\"", "png"],
    #["PaintDOTNet", "\"C:\\Program Files\\Paint.NET\\PaintDotNet.exe\"", "png"],
    #["MyPaint", "\"C:\\Program Files\\MyPaint\\mypaint.exe\"", "png"],
    #["Photo Filter Factory", "\"C:\\Program Files\\Photo Filter Factory\\Photo Filter Factory.exe\"", "png"],
    #["Photo Pos Pro", "\"C:\\Program Files\\Photo Pos Pro\\Photo Pos Pro.exe\"", "png"],
    ["Java Image Editor", "\"C:\\JavaJars\\imageeditor.bat\"", "png"],
    ["Java Mosaic", "\"C:\\JavaJars\\mosaic.bat\"", "png"],
    #["Vector Magic", "\"C:\\Program Files\\Vector Magic\\vmde.exe\"", "png"],
    #["Photo Clinic", "\"C:\\MAGIX\\Photo_Clinic_45\\PhotoClinic.exe\"", "png"],

    Note that a java program can be launched using a helper program. For example, here is byhelper for the mosaic java application:

    @echo off
    echo *** Do Not Close this Window ***
    echo Temp File: %1
    C:\Java\jre6\bin\java.exe -jar c:\JavaJars\mosaic.jar %1
    GIMP Version: