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Python Color Vision Deficiency 0.1

Simulates different types of color vision deficiency

  1. Average Joe
    Simulates different types of color vision deficiency (color blindness) with differing levels of severity.
    In addition to the functionality of the display filter "Color Vision Deficiency", this plug-in also simulates color weakness, not just complete color blindness and allows to save the resulting image.

    • Protanomaly (red weak)
    • Deuteranomaly (green weak)
    • Tritanomaly (blue weak)
    At a severity level of 1.0, it simulates dichromacy, i.e. the complete absence of the relevant color receptor:

    • Protanopia (red blind)
    • Deuteranopia (green blind)
    • Tritanopia (blue blind)
    The plug-in takes an RGB* image, and simulates for the active layer how a color-deficient viewer would experience it. The result is saved in a new layer.

    Currently, the plug-in appears under the top-level menu "Python-fu/Effects/Color Vision Deficiency".
    GIMP Version: