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Python Color to Mask Pro 1.0

A tool for masking out single-colored backgrounds

  1. Average Joe
    A tool for masking out single-colored backgrounds.

    * The two-step operation allows easy manual corrections
    * Masks background color and (optionally) drop shadows
    * Four operation methods: Difference, Value, Hybrid (soft) and Hybrid (hard)
    * All thresholds are soft
    * Edge compression
    * Color spill correction (semi-manual)
    * Optional Pre-blur reduces mask noise and artifacts
    * The "Ignore channel" feature eases removal of background with the color similar to the objects

    Usage tips:
    Coming soon...

    Coming soon...

    v1.0: Many new features added
    v0.9a: Mask blur could not be set to 0.0
    v0.9: Initial release

    Q: I don't need another plugin of this kind, there's enough made already.
    A: Very well.
    Q: This is not a real plugin, just a bunch of simple actions, I can do those manually.
    A: Very well.
    Q: Your plugin doesn't have an option A and does B in a C-poor manner.
    A: Very well.
    Q: Your plugin sucks because it does little and does little good.
    A: Very well.
    Q: ???
    A: Profit.

    Written in Python. Download, rename (remove the .txt extension), put it to ~/.gimp-[version]/plug-ins and make it executable (chmod 755). Run from Layer > Mask > Color to Mask Pro...
    GIMP Version: