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Binary Color Spotter 0.1

What is Color Spotter? Basically, it's contrast

  1. Average Joe
    What is Color Spotter? Basically, it's contrast, but "centered" around a color. Another way to see it is as another "Color selection" tool: you specify an image, a kind of threshold, and it selects color that are close to the one you specified; only, Color Spotter keeps every pixel from the image, darkening the wanted colors, brightening the others.

    The best way to understand is to see it in action:
    colorspot-original.jpg colorspot-modified.jpg

    Here, the selected color was from a pixel from the plantpot (beige-ish).

    This plug-in was mostly an experiment for me: you could say I made it just to get familiar with programming C plug-ins in GIMP. I have another plug-in I want to make, but as it's much more complicated, I wanted to make sure I could deal with the basics first.
    GIMP Version: